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Thank you for visiting my web site. This site provides the latest images from the NOAA constellation of polar satellites along with other links to weather science data. We will also post the latest launch information of NOAA's POES and GOES program as well as daily operational status. We hope you enjoy this site and your comments are always welcome.

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Our Highlights

My NOAA APT Ground Station. - Images are received at my ground station directly from NOAA polar orbiting satellites and decoded with WXtoImg in real time.

Blizzard of 2009#1 #2Captured by NOAA-19
Radar Weather Underground Radar. - For the Sterling and metropolitan area. Composite and Reflectivity are available with the use of filter controls.
temp1 Weather Underground. - US temperature chart 6 hour loop. Chart updated 4 times daily Click on your state for local weather station information.
loop Unisys Weather SatelliteLoop. - These images are generated by geostationary satellites orbitting 22,000 miles above the equator looking at the United States. These images updated once an hour at about 30 after the hour.
Radiofax NWS Radiofax Charts for the NW Atlantic. - The latest version of marine weather charts for broadcast by the NOAA's National Weather Service. Animated charts are available from the Air Resourses Laboratory.

Norad Santa 2009 - Track Santa this christmas season as he makes his way around the world with lots of goodies and toys. Santa's workshop returns this December 1st.

SOHO - A great place to find out about space weather and its effects on our planet. Get up to date information on auroras, solar flares, and meteor showers. Click here to get the latest SOHO images.
swine FLU.GOV - Get the latest information on the flu and swine flu. Find where to get swine flu vacine, outbreaks in your area and facts and miths about the flu. If you are at risk for the flu then check out this site.
lighting About Earth's Weather. - Take a look in to the forces that affects and makes up earth's weather. Special thanks to Lisa Gardiner.
Tornado Tornado Chasers. - Weather related news pertaining to tornados as well as safety information on how to prepare for one in case one strikes in your area.

Additional Weather Satellite Links

Government Links and News

Fun Stuff

Weather Science and Clock Kits

NOAA Daily Operational Image and Broadcast

FULLDISK GOES Project Science click here
GOES-12 GOES-12 Full and Conus disk images. Fulldisk updated every 3 hours conus images every 10 minutes.
NOAA-18 NOAA-19 Image of the day. - Acquired from WTOC TV during the afternoon..
IOD NOAA OSEI Image of the day. - Special images of unique weather features.
temp2 NOAA Sea Surface Temperature. - Daily sea surface temps from NOAA Polar spacecraft.
ice NOAA Polar Sea Ice. - Data provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Department of Atmospheric Science.
sbuv NOAA\NWS. - SBUV data providing instrument, ozone and other data information.
NOAARadio Eumetcast of Metop-2. - Images of Metop-2 are provided by Eumetsat and are updated every 3 minutes. To access EPS flight IR 10.8 click here.
alert NOAA Weather Radio. - Broadcast live over the web. Catch weather warnings and severe weather alerts.
Operations information and Special Events
Noaawt Office of Satellite Operations Daily Satellite Status Report - Update 12/16/09: APT channel changes to NOAA-18 will include CH1 and CH4 for daytime and CH3B and CH4 for night. These changes will start on 12/22/2009 and vegitation indexing will now be available on NOAA-18 APT
Tracking Real Time Satellite Tracking - NOAA and other satelltes. Custom groups of satellites can be configured and tracked. Go to the main page to setup your location. Update 11/05/09: Russian weather satellite Meteor 1M has now been added.
NASA GOES-14 status website - UPDATE 12/20/09: The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite named GOES-14, is being placed in on-orbit storage this month to await its call to duty.Click here.
NASA NASA Website - Update 12/20/09: On Sunday at 4:52 p.m. EST, three new crew members will launch aboard the TMA-17 to join the Expedition 22 crew after docking to the International Space Station. The crew will dock to the International Space Station Tuesday.

Photo of the Week - 12/19/09: BLIZZARD 2009!! This image of the storm was captured right outside our studios. The total snow received at our studio is 25 inches. See more Blizzard images captured from space by NOAA-19#1 #2.If you have a great weather photo please email it to and we will showcase it on our site.

Check out this YouTube video my daughter Meredith created of the Blizzard of 2009. These pictures were taken outside our studio. Thanks Meredith!


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