Weather satellite images by in Linden VA, United States.

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WXtoImg: Version 2.11.2 beta

Latitude: 38.934, Longitude: -78.058

Receiver: R2FU

Antenna: Custom Built QFH & DCA [Ant 1 = DCA] [Ant 2 = QFH] Antenna 2 Primary

Receiving System: MacPro 8 Core

Next Scheduled Satellite Pass over Linden VA, United States

Satellite Start of pass Time image available Direction Elevation Frequency
NOAA 15 24 Sep 19:32 24 Sep 19:48
45° E

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How Weather Satellite images are decoded



About the Enhancements

This page shows just some of the 35 enhancements WXtoImg provides:


Multi-Spectral Analysis: combines a sensor 1 or 2 (visible/near infrared) image with a sensor 4 (thermal infrared) image to create a near true colour, near visible image of the earth.


Map Coloured IR with Precip: uses sensor 4 (thermal infrared) to create a false coloured image showing areas of likely precipitation. The likelihood and intensity of precipitation increases as the colour goes from green to yellow to orange to red to black to white.


HVCT false colour: creates a false coloured image by combining a sensor 1 or 2 (visible/near infrared) image with a sensor 4 image (thermal infrared) to create an image in which clouds are tinted by their temperature.


These are images as they come from the satellite without alteration. The earth appears "upside down" on Northbound passes. The two images are the two channels sent by the satellite with channel A (left) switching between sensor 1 (visible) or 2 (near-IR) during the day and sensor 3 (mid-IR) at night and channel B (right) showing sensor 4 (thermal-IR) at all times during normal operation.

Thermal Thermal: Creates false color images using the temperatures from (sensor 4) Thermai Infrared image. This sensor covers the full range temperatures from very cold cloud tops to very hot deserts.
SST Sea Surface Temperature: creates a false colour image by combining sensors 3 and 4 (Infrared) and using a pre-defined palette colour the image.

Super APT Images


Multistation composite image creating the worlds longest APT images.

Next Scheduled Satellite Passes over Linden VA, United States

Start of Pass Time Available Direction Maximum Elevation
Degrees (East or West)
UTC Local Time* UTC Local Time*
NOAA 15 24 Sep 23:32 24 Sep 19:32 24 Sep 23:48 24 Sep 19:48 137.62
NOAA 19 25 Sep 00:59 24 Sep 20:59 25 Sep 01:28 24 Sep 21:28 137.10
NOAA 15 25 Sep 01:12 24 Sep 21:12 25 Sep 01:29 24 Sep 21:29 137.62
NOAA 19 25 Sep 02:41 24 Sep 22:41 25 Sep 02:56 24 Sep 22:56 137.10
NOAA 18 25 Sep 03:00 24 Sep 23:00 25 Sep 03:18 24 Sep 23:18 137.9125
NOAA 18 25 Sep 04:43 25 Sep 00:43 25 Sep 04:58 25 Sep 00:58 137.9125
NOAA 15 25 Sep 11:48 25 Sep 07:48 25 Sep 12:03 25 Sep 08:03 137.62
NOAA 19 25 Sep 13:22 25 Sep 09:22 25 Sep 13:44 25 Sep 09:44 137.10

* local time is Eastern Daylight Time.

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EA1JM, Salamanca, Spain*

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OE8LWQ, Villach, Austria

HB9ZAG, Zürich, Switzerland*

* Pristine images available