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Bud's Golden Star of Texas


Feb 1, 2003 - Oct 11, 2009



Dec 31, 2006 - Nov 24, 2009

We Miss You Cali

Feb 1, 2003 - Oct 11, 2009

Our Beautiful Cali Is Gone.
Dec 31, 2006 -Nov 24, 2009

Our Beautiful Geishai Is Gone.


The greatest friends are those we hold dear
When they are gone we mourn
When they leave they take a piece of us with them
And it feels like a dagger is carving away a piece of my heart

I should be able to handle death
know that everything that begins must end
then why does her death get to me
like a nail driven into my hand

I hide my emotions
or so I try to
Until I am alone
and can think clearly

I feel nothing but pain from your leaving
I can feel you on my shoulder
guiding me
helping me

It is tearing me apart...
You were wonderful and
Instead of thinking wryly of your death
I should think of all the great times we had together

When I came to your pallace you always greeted me
When I was sad you rested on my stomach and let me hold you
When I was happy we would play together
There isn't another like you...

My heart will always have a hole in it
but I am filling it with good times with you
I just want you to know that...
I miss you....

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